Plymouth + Canton Area College Planning Workshop

Join us live and in person at the Canton Administration Building (1150 S. Canton Center Rd. Canton, MI 48188) for an educational college financial aid workshop! Space is limited for this event on Tuesday, December 12th, 2023, starting at 6:30pm. Click “6:30 PM” to register now!

Learn from the EXPERTS in College Planning:

  • Discover the 5 BIGGEST MISTAKES parents make that cause them to overpay for college (and how to avoid them)
  • Learn how to avoid common FAFSA filing mistakes that will reduce your financial aid
  • Understand how you can maximize the amount of financial aid you are eligible for
  • Learn how to send your child to an expensive private school for less than most state schools
  • How to pay for college in a failing economy without relying on 529 plans, expensive private student loans, or raiding your retirement accounts

“I did a lot of financial aid research ahead of time and I felt I knew what was needed. I learned that there were more things I can do to help us afford my son’s college.”

~ H. Lasky

“Very Useful! I’m a tax attorney who reads regulations all the time, but I didn’t understand all this stuff they need!”

~ M. Gill

“College costs are going up so fast and I was afraid we wouldn’t be able to send our daughter to her dream school. This helped us see a way to do it.”

~ R. Leung

“Mistakes can be really costly and I don’t have time to find out all the info for every school my daughter is looking at. This is a good way to find out the info that applies to your family.”

~ S. Montoya

“I didn’t think it would be possible to send all 4 of my kids to college and still be able to retire. Definitely helps to hear from the experts.”

~ K. Billingsley

Presented by:

BridgeWise College Planning LLC
2041 E Square Lake Rd. Suite 100 Troy, MI